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Are you frustrated about how to get to the next level of your business? We can help you overcome the road blocks to starting, funding and growing your brand all in one place!

Can you relate to this: You've worked hard your entire life for others, and now you want to take that leap of faith to become self-sufficient, build your dream, take care of your family and scale your business! You may have your amazing plan written out, however, knowing when you need help is 90% of the fight. I thought it was enough to be the expert in my field and have my plan written out perfectly when I began my business. What I didn't count on was having to wear all of the hats: structuring, finances, locating funding, finding a knowledgeable team, implementing digital marketing, where to bank, business planning, grant readiness and more!

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This is how it works: After you sign up, you will gain access to the ENTIRE free business builder membership right away. You will be able to review every step needed to make your business official and legit! You can go over each step at your own pace. If you have already completed each of the steps, you will learn how to improve or correct prior mistakes that could be holding you back! If you need individualized coaching, we offer 1:1 sessions or accelerated growth planning.

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We offer a unique advantage with a team of experts to support your every step of the way!

What our members are saying...

LaTonya Collier

Natural Healing LLC

"I didn't know where to start. I was confused, I was frustrated, I was tired of the rat race so what I did was, I contacted her and she helped me get the LLC. She helped me with the bank accounts with building my credit. I literally didn't know anything so she consulted me through the whole process and about a year later a little over a year. I'm doing very well much better than I had been before and I am so grateful to her. If you have any desires to move forward, I would go with Forward Progression Development Inc."

Mike Tatum

Designer UI/UX

"Wonderful mentorship and approach to implementing technology into our small organization."

"Wonderful mentorship and approach to implementing technology into our small organization."

Linda S.

CFO of the company

"I was able to be open and honest about how difficult becoming a woman business owner was for me and the training was detrimental to my growth."

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A Final Note

I have been through it all when it comes to developing a revenue generating business, and like you, I had to overcome a lot of the same obstacles to get amazing results. Now, I want to help you!